Blog Widget by LinkWithinWhere do I even begin with this? First off, hang in there with me as this is going to be a long post...but how else do you do justice to one of the most amazing weddings? Julie and Matt's wedding was the first ever at the all new Yoshi's Jazz Club in SF which is one of my new favorite spots for a wedding in San Francisco.  Seriously, the place was made for weddings.  Throw in working with my favorite videographers, Curtis and Travis of Curtis Nemetz Productions, and then Jon of Encarnacion Photography and Curtis as my second shooters and I had the dream team working with me. Cara was at home with our beautiful 3 week old daughter and while I really missed shooting with her, Jon and Curtis stepped it up and we didn't miss a beat.  All of the printed details from the day were designed by Abbie of Passing Notes (See previous post for more details) and I was blown away with the quality.  For all couples out there looking for custom designed invitations, programs, and everything else, be sure to hire Abbie as her work is second to none. Matt owns a shoe store in Alameda, District, and the whole wedding had a shoe theme from their cake, invites, seat place holders and so on.  Julie's dress by Junko Yoshioka was stunning and her jewelry by Renee Pawlee well, was stunning also, but my favorite thing even over Matt's van's was the cake.  I have never seen a cake that was even close to being as cool as this one by Debbie Does Cakes.  Enjoy all of the photos and you can view more photos here and you can view their engagement photos here.  Lastly, be sure to make it all the way to the bottom of the post where you can view their highlights video along with a video from their first dance. One more thing... here are some kind words from Julie and Matt:

We're back. I can't stop looking at the photos, watching the videos and bawling all at the same time. There aren't enough words to describe our love and appreciation for you, Jon, Curtis and Travis. Want to do it all over again? Haha. Wish I could relive it everyday. Makes me want to start my own wedding planning business for sure. We were truly blessed to have such a talented and supportive team working with us! Can't imagine the big day without you.

Big hugs!

I never got a chance to thank you personally for all your help on the day of the wedding. Man, you are a real pro. If I remember correctly (the big day is really all a blur now), it was during dinner when someone needed water or soda water - maybe because Julie had a spot on her dress or something? - that I saw you bolt over to a waiter and grab a glass and come to the rescue. It was at that point when I thought to myself, damn, this guy's good. Haha.

Seriously though, I wish you nothing but the best with your career and budding family. And thank you again for all your hard work and preparation. You really helped make our day special.


Venue: Yoshi's Jazz Club and Restaurant, San Francisco
Officiant: Rev. Michael Yoshii, Buena Vista United Methodist Church, Alameda
Dress: Junko Yoshioka, Gabrielle's Bridal Boutique, Los Gatos
Shoes: Manolo Blahnik, Saks, San Francisco
Vans: District, Alameda
Rings: Giraux, San Francisco
Jewelry: Renee Pawele
Hair and Makeup: Diana Wilcenski, Trenz Salon, Burlingame
Invitations: Passing Notes
Florist: Mints
Shoe Cake: Debbie Does Cakes
Sheet cake: Sugar Danny's
Ceremony Musician: Rick Flores, Uncle of the Groom
Band: D'Groove
Master of Ceremonies: Ackhadet Viradet, Cousin of the Bride
Tuxedos: Selix
Hotels: Kabuki and Tomo, San Francisco
Gobo: Gobo Source
Photography: Joel Flory and Jon Encarnacion and Curtis Nemetz
Videography: Curtis Nemetz Productions

JMWED0010E.jpg JMWED0024E.jpg JMWED0030E.jpg JMWED0063E.jpg JMWED0074Ev.jpg JMWED0177E.jpg JMWED0235JCE.jpg JMWED0238E.jpg JMWED0270E.jpg JMWED0302E.jpg JMWED0414Ev.jpg JMWED0443JCEv.jpg
JMWED0459E.jpg JMWED0531E.jpg JMWED0581JCE.jpg JMWED0593JONE.jpg JMWED0642JCE.jpg JMWED0719E.jpg JMWED0722E.jpg JMWED0855E.jpg JMWED0884E.jpg JMWED0892Ev.jpg JMWED0994E.jpg JMWED1206E.jpg
JMWED1314Ev.jpg JMWED1463Ev.jpg JMWED1595Ev.jpg JMWED1657E.jpg JMWED1667E.jpg JMWED1704E.jpg JMWED1718Ev.jpg JMWED1772E.jpg JMWED1798Ev.jpg JMWED1968E.jpg JMWED2187JONEv.jpg JMWED2254JONEv.jpg
JMWED2277Ev.jpg JMWED2309Ev.jpg JMWED2403Ev.jpg JMWED2554JCEv.jpg JMWED2569E.jpg JMWED2835E.jpg JMWED2898Ev.jpg JMWED2957E.jpg JMWED3037JCE.jpg JMWED3049Ev.jpg JMWED3107JCE.jpg JMWED3227JONE.jpg
JMWED3293E.jpg JMWED3356Ev.jpg JMWED3365E.jpg JMWED3374Ev.jpg JMWED3392JCE.jpg JMWED3420JONE.jpg JMWED3453JCE.jpg JMWED3506Ev.jpg JMWED3735JCE.jpg JMWED3776JCE.jpg JMWED3896JCE.jpg JMWED3909JCEv.jpg
JMWED3916JONE.jpg JMWED4037E.jpg JMWED4169JONE.jpg JMWED4222JONE.jpg JMWED4335Ev.jpg JMWED4463E.jpg JMWED4466Ev.jpg JMWED4476JCE.jpg JMWED4508E.jpg JMWED4523E.jpg JMWED4540E.jpg JMWED4554E.jpg
JMWED4559E.jpg JMWED4571E.jpg JMWED4662E.jpg JMWED4769E.jpg JMWED4786E.jpg JMWED4792E.jpg JMWED4931E.jpg JMWED5134E.jpg JMWED5196E.jpg

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Dominoe Imus: Oh wow those images are gorgeous!! The note from the bride and groom was super sweet too! I love it. I think that may be the coolest cake I have ever seen, I'm almost sad they cut it! :) (03.02.09 @ 05:09 PM)
Joel Flory: Dominoe, thanks for the comment, I wish I could take credit for the ring shot but Jonathan took that one. (03.02.09 @ 06:10 PM)
lisa: Love the cake shot...that's amazing! (03.06.09 @ 12:18 PM)
Manus Chau: awesome lighting on the street portraits.. looked like a fun wedding! i did your stuff joel. (04.08.09 @ 03:23 PM)