Blog Widget by LinkWithinWe shot such an amazing wedding this summer at the Headlands Center for the Arts. Adrienne, the bride, was also the wedding planner for her big day. She did a knock-out job on crafting the vision for her wedding, and executing it to a T. We kept telling her all day, "You should TOTALLY do this for a living! You are GREAT at it." Check out all of the amazing details that her and her mom put together! I also have to mention the flowers done by Chestnut & Vine in Berkeley and the delicious cupcakes by La Farine Bakery in Oakland.  Seriously, I know there are a ton of pics in this post but I just had to share them all with you. Thank you for letting us be a part of your big day Adrienne and Jake! 

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PPS. Katie Powers officially rocks our socks off. Her food is so scrumptious I can hardly stand it.  She is the exclusive caterer for the Headlands Center, so in order to taste her yummy food you're going to have to either  A. book your wedding there or B. become friends with someone who is getting married there. But seriously, it is SO worth it.

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Adrienne Schell: Never get tired of looking at the pics Joel :o) Truly amazing! Thank you again! (09.29.09 @ 09:39 AM)
Marcus Kazmierczak: So beautiful! The attention to details and colors are amazing!! (09.29.09 @ 11:07 AM)
Lindsay Haskell, Bride's sister: Joel, you were absolutely spectacular that day!!!! You added to the great memories! The pictures are beyond beautiful and I never get tired of looking at them either!! Thanks! (09.29.09 @ 04:59 PM)
AbiQ: OMG this pictures are amazing!! (10.01.09 @ 11:45 AM)
juliet: i am in love with this wedding! the details are amazing--you captured it perfectly. :) (10.05.09 @ 07:15 PM)
Liz Potter: What a gorgeous wedding, the details could not be more striking or inspirational. The light, the colors, the way it was captured. Amazing, from top to bottom. I think whomever designed this wedding needs to be working for magazines as a stylist. Perfection. (10.17.09 @ 09:40 AM)
Manus Chau: lots of details.. they look great! (12.04.09 @ 10:30 AM)